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Our Wines


"We blend our wine the old fashioned way - by taste. Produced in small lots ensures the quality of our wine shines through. With a high skin/pulp to juice ratio we preserve the extremely deep intense flavors and aromas the land imparts to our grapes. These attributes give our wines their luscious full bodied feel to match the extreme color depth and complexity of flavors" - Eugenia Romeo.

Current Red Wine Selection


2016 Napa Valley Cabernet - balanced and graceful with black cherry and hints of violets


2016 Malbec  -  blueberry and raspberry rise out of the glass followed by cedar and vanilla


2013 Merlot  -  hints of caramel with cassis and cherry 


2014 Miscela - a spicy rich fruit bomb with flavors of dark fruit and long evolved tannins


2014 Petit Verdot - refined tannins and incredibly elegant - blueberry compote with hints of fig


2016 Cabernet Franc - young tannins with cherry and violet make this wine a 'just one more sip'


2013 Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon - grace and elegance in a glass bold blackberry and spice


2010 Eugenia Cabernet Sauvignon - light cherry with a delightful all spice


2013 Eugenia Cabernet Sauvignon  - warm cherry and smooth with hints of caramel



Current White Selection

2015 Sauvignon Blanc  - rich crisp apple one sip and you are hooked ......


2016 Sauvignon Blanc  - mango pineapple peach and surprising caramel an incredible wine


2018 Petit Verdot Ruby Rose  - Silver Award Winner 2019 American Fine Wine Rose Competition - (20% of sales are donated to a local animal shelter - Wine Country Animal Lovers)


2017 Chardonnay Reserve  - bright grapefruit with a white peach tone 


2017 Muscat Canelli  -  lychee, pear, green apple and apricot dry incredible & perfectly balanced